Crafting Update – October and November

We are a few weeks away from the end of the year, and I am one month away from actually completing a New Year’s Resolution, y’all!  That is big news and never happens on most years.  Way back in January, I resolved to actually complete a handmade-something each month instead of just fumbling through some half-done stuff that clutters my space and serves no purpose.  Details can be seen in my “crafting” category , but here’s a quick list of what I have accomplished this year:

When I look at this list, I realize a couple of things:  I need to branch out on the knitting and take on more challenging projects or at least stop my cowl obsession and do some new things.  But also, I see that I actually DID something this year.  Lots of somethings actually.  I mean I didn’t even know how to knit when I made this resolution!  It feels good to look back and see what moments fill our days and what we make of them.  Part of the charm of keeping a blog like this is keeping track of day-to-day details, and I hope my crafting adventures haven’t been too mundane for you to follow.

For the end of the year, my crafting has slowed, but I’ve managed a few things in these past two months.  I finished Jude’s second year album which you have already seen a lot of, but here’s the design I did for the cover.  I used Shutterfly to print again, and I am really happy with the results.
Closing in on the Year TWO book!I also put together a Halloween costume for someone who hates to wear uncomfortable clothing.  It didn’t survive the evening with a rowdy toddler boy, but here’s the sushi costume as the night began.  I used this guide I found on Pinterest.

Sushi Costume

For November, I finished a cute pair of baby booties for a good friend.  I neglected to take a photo, but the pattern is here if you are interested.  My cousin’s baby shower also prompted me to do this quick hat.  Such a fun and useful little knit for a winter baby.  I love the tiny ear flaps.

baby ear flap hat

I also finally finished my cowl I started way back in August.  I was knitting this just for myself, so it got pushed to the back with some gifty things taking priority.  Plus I HATED this yarn so intensely. It sticks and I despised knitting with it.  I should have read Ravelry reviews before buying it because pretty much everyone else has the same opinion.  It looks lovely once it’s done, but it was a pain to work with.  I do love a fall tweed though.  But really, y’all, this is it for the cowls.  I am seriously over them and moving on to some hats or a sweater or some mittens or something.

That’s it for October and November.  I hope to get another thing or two completed in December, and thanks again for reading as I chugged along on my projects!

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