fall fun

Life has been full and busy lately, and I miss the time I used to spend here.  We have lots going on, and I hope to explain more soon.  There are just a couple of weeks until Jude’s second birthday party, and I’m also on the committee to plan a college alumnae function that is in the works as well.  Planning for big events, while it takes time of course, can be just as fun as the event itself sometimes.  I have so much to look forward to in the coming weeks, and I am excited to share some of these things with you as well.

This past week brought some fun impromptu events, which are just as enjoyable as the big ones we plan for.  We explored at Cartersville’s Tellus Museum.

at the Tellus Museum

at the Tellus Museum

And we also visited an apple orchard in northern Georgia that has its own petting zoo.  Jude was in heaven in a sea of goats.

Hillcrest Orcahrds, Ellijay

Goats really like Jude.

feeding goats some grass

There is so much to see and do and discover at this age, and watching him figure things out never gets boring or tired for me.  I love it.
at the apple orchard

So now I’m swimming in catch-up work from a week of fun and laziness and also swimming in apples from the orchard trip.  We’ve enjoyed apple-cinnamon pancakes and my favorite apple cake with caramel glaze, and I think I’m on to baking and freezing some muffins next.  It’s still t-shirt weather here, but fall is in full-bloom nevertheless.  Hope your week is filled with happy things!

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