moving right along

Funny thing happened this morning.  I looked at the calendar, and it said it was September, and I have no idea how that happened.  Labor Day marks the unofficial shift to fall around here, and I am more than ready.  It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, and I have lots to show and say, but a lot of it is not quite ready yet.

We’ve been taking lots of early morning walks lately.  It’s not suffocating outside, and a 7:30 stroll around the neighborhood is giving me a little jumpstart on my energy reserves for the day which I love.  It’s also given us a chance to spot a few leaves already.

It’s still hot here by midday, but I can feel the shift coming.  Jude’s birthday is around the corner as well, so I can’t help but reflect a little on all his changes in the past twelve months.  Dexterity is a real stand-out lately.  Puzzles and legos and anything that requires a little concentration to form his tiny fingers in the right way are really his favorite playthings these days.  I think we might need to get a Little People set soon because these two guys with their scary little faces keep popping up in the most peculiar locations.

Jude has yelled at them to go to “Tie OUT!” a few times, and he has even made one of them use the potty this week, so imagination is starting to happen which is so fun to watch.  (And the time-out scenario is also frightening because I wonder if I really sound like that.)

And speaking of dexterity, I once feared this kid might go to college still shoveling food in his mouth with two hungry hands, but guess who is loving a proper utensil these days?  It’s a sight to behold.

I am behind on posting my New Year’s resolution craft updates.  I need to post one for July and for August and surprisingly,  I have been incredibly busy and productive on that end, but the reflecting and taking photos of my projects has not happened, so I’m hoping to catch up on that this weekend.  Birthday party planning is upon us, so my dining room table is currently a mess of knitting projects that need to be blocked and Joann bags and party crafts and invitations galore.  It’s not a pretty sight.

I hope your holiday finds you doing something relaxing as we wave goodbye to summer and usher in a new season.  Happy Labor Day!

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