Some New Things Amid the Drought

It’s August.  It’s hot.  I’m still in my deflated late-summer slump.  But I can see it coming, you guys.  My September magazines are arriving, and that best foodie season of late summer / early fall produce is just a few weeks away.  Labor Day weekend soon, and maybe the hum of football on the television and the occasional cooler morning. If we can hold on for one more month, it’s here.  It’ll still be hot in Georgia for quite a while longer, but that change-is-gonna-come feeling is almost as good as the cool off itself.

I’m aching for a change of some kind, as I always am when we come to the end of a season.  New music, new thrift store finds, much-needed exercise, and some new ideas have been doing the trick here.  I scored three cute shirts – all brands considerably more expensive than my usuals  – for less than $10 last week at a random second-hand clothing store.  I forgot the thrill of a good thrift find, that soaring feeling of accomplishment that happens when you feel you’ve cheated the system somehow.  It makes me want to go back for more.  This music has been streaming on my kitchen computer pretty constantly lately as well, and it’s doing its job for some sorely-needed inspiration.  I also tried my first Bikram Yoga class last week.  It was purposefully ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE degrees and for some reason unbeknownst to me, I am going back for more.  It was a strange combination of I think I’m going to die combined with I am so alive.  Probably just the heat-induced hallucinations talking.

On the whole, I am getting out of my rut and happy to see the calendar moving forward to what I consider to be the sweetest spot in my year.  I did have an unhappy boy for a few days though.

I’m thinking it may have been two-year-molars because his only real symptom was a fever and general whininess.  He let me feel the gums once, and I think I felt something trying to poke through.  It’s been so long since he needed me in such a way, and while I ached for his sake of course, it feels good to be needed like that again.  I feel like it wasn’t all that long ago that I was wishing he would let go of me for just one second so I could breathe, and now it’s very different around here.  He’s still warm and cuddly, especially for a toddler boy, but yelling “mama, hold?” into the baby monitor at 3am doesn’t really happen much, and I actually happily obliged it for a few days.  And now we are back to normal things.  Running and playing.  Making a mess.  Torturing the dogs.  Slurping noodles by the handful in our underwear.  You know, the normal stuff.


Happy Monday, reader. Hope it’s the beginning of a good week and you’re looking forward to some new things ahead.

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