Temporary Nomads

We made it to Seattle, and yesterday afternoon had us driving to the Canadian border.  We were in the car for three hours after a five-hour flight which usually would mean misery, but Jude was quiet and content, and the scenery was perfect.  Evergreens as far as you can see.

And once we got in to Vancouver, the scenery is even better. My Georgia self is glad I brought a jacket, but the temperatures are a perfect relief from the heat we had at home.

Jude is happy to play and pretty much a satisfied kid as long as he can observe and inspect. That’s just about all we’ve done so far. He observes and I watch him watching other things. Not a bad life. Not at all.

I’m looking forward to seeing the photos on my real camera, but for now, Instagram is keeping me in touch with folks back home.  [I’ve had it on my phone for ages, by the way, but I am just now figuring out how much fun it is. Anyone else? I’m listed as katie81.]

We’re looking forward to a fun week. The parks here are incredible, and we can head outside later than 10:00am which is a special treat in the summer.  Until later…..

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