June – Completed Projects

I did a lot of crafting this month, but I only finished a couple of things.  I have so many things that are really close to completion though, and I’m excited to finish them up.  After a little break from knitting, I’ve been on a huge knitting kick lately….which makes no sense considering it’s pretty much 100 degrees outside.  But for whatever reason, every night after I put Jude in bed, I pick up the needles again.  I am this.close to finishing a slew of stuff for a mama-to-be I know, but I won’t reveal that until after I give it to her. I did manage to complete a summer cowl for my mom’s birthday though.  I modeled it for a moment so that I could get a photo of it, and I’ve decided I have to make one for myself.

dewdrop cowl

I just learned to knit a few months ago, and I’m not that efficient yet, and this was still the fastest, easiest project imaginable.  The yarn is light and lovely, and I kind of thought “summer weight cowl” meant September or October cowl in Georgia, but this is so light that it could even be worn now, and I think it’s a perfect accessory for over-air conditioned places around here when you just want a little something on your shoulders.  It was a fun project, and my mom loved it.  [And this is so not a knitting blog, so I won’t describe details too much, but if you are interested it is this pattern and this yarn.]  Knitting kept me sane in those weeks I played hall monitor.  I’d keep guard in the hallway as early as 5:30 am with a mug of hot coffee and some yarn trying to get Jude used to the idea of staying in his room again.  [That situation is much much better now, by the way.  It just took a few weeks.]

I also completed a handful of scrapbook pages.  One for Mother’s Day / Father’s Day.

And one for our trip to the strawberry patch.

It’s hard to believe we are closing in on the end of his second year, so I’ll be wrapping up this book in the next few months.  I’ve said it before, but if you’re out there thinking you wish you could do something with the ton of photos you have  but you don’t have the time or craft skills, digital scrapbooking is the way to go.  These pages usually take about 20 minutes or less to complete, and in twelve months time, a little work here and there adds up to a lovely hardbound book.  It’s so easy!


I can’t believe I’m halfway through the year, and I’ve kept my New Year’s Resolution of being sure to actually finish at least one project a month.  It’s refreshing to let go of “perfect” and just focus on completion with some of these things, and it’s really rewarding to look back and see what I’ve made already in 2011.  I have a few things in the works that I definitely want to finish before the year’s end.

So it’s off to the Pacific for a few days’ time.  I’ll hope to check in with a photo or two when we’re away.  Happy weekend! Go make something.  It feels good.

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