Super quick post today.  We had a lovely Father’s Day weekend doing nothing much in particular, per Scott’s request.

These two boys make quite the pair, and they always make each other laugh.  As much as I might try to be the fun one, I’m not.  When Jude wants fun, he heads straight for Dad. And I’m okay with that.

I read an essay once complaining about how bloggers are so self-focused that they only talk about how their personal lives affect themselves and the reader never knows how anyone else in the home processes certain events as only the writer’s feelings are revealed.  To that I say, how would I do this any other way?  I don’t talk much about my husband’s relationship with his son in comparison to how much I babble on about motherhood, but obviously this is my head I’m living in, so I don’t really try to put words on someone else’s feelings.  I will say, however, that I love seeing him grow as develop as a father, and it’s so rewarding to figure out the ropes on this whole parenthood thing with someone who somehow keeps a sense of humor while remaining solid and strong and dependable.  And those are hard traits to find.  We see eye-to-eye on so many things, but he’s still my yin when I am overwhelmed with yang.  He shakes his head and rolls his eyes at my habits when I need someone to, but he also puts up with some crazy cloth-diapering, babywearing, organic-eating, cliche-abiding, granola-bordering ways I’ve developed.  And any man who has hovered over the toilet spraying a diaper knows that’s no small task.  Cheers to supportive and open-minded husbands, am I right, ladies?

This week is busy busy as I’m hosting people in and out all week for some playdates and dinners. (Love having my teacher friends home for the summer!)  And we decided, somewhat impulsively, to tag along with Scott on his next trip, so I have lots of packing and list-making to do.

Hello, beautiful British Columbia with your 65 degree temperatures and harbour breezes.  We fly in to Seattle and drive through some beautiful Pacific-Northwest territory, arriving in Vancouver to hang out there for a while and play nomadic family once again.  I am crazy packing up a toddler, I know.  But why not?  My thermostat needs some relief from Atlanta heat and we’d love to see something new.

I’ll check back in soon with a June crafting round-up.

2 thoughts on “Quickie.

  1. i’m so glad you’re going to vancouver- you’re going to love it…and i won’t blame you if you guys decide to permanently move out there or just not come back! 😉
    i love your comments on scott’s relationship with jude- i can totally see how dads are the “fun ones” and mamas get sidled with other labels, not all of them bad! i’m sure there are the snuggles and “mama only” moments that are magic, too.
    love the blog design, btw and amen to granola mama! you helped me so much with the cd stuff!

  2. AWWWWWW…….. I love seeing Atticus and Sam interact. Sam is certainly the fun one. Often, Sam plays with Atticus on the floor and I do the bathtime/nursing/cuddle stuff. It cracks me up to see how silly those two can be! Have a great trip and I’m completely jealous you’ll be out of the heat!

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