early-bird special, but no mom jeans yet

We were out late last night, and it was well past 1 a.m. when I went to bed, yet I’m up at 7:30 this morning with a quiet house.  I absolutely cannot sleep late anymore, which I’m pretty sure is one of a few signs that I’m getting older.  I can’t nap during the day either unless I’m in my first trimester of pregnancy, so that leaves going to bed early as my only choice to catch up on sleep.  My nerd factor has been pretty high since birth, but it just increases exponentially these days.

We hung out with some friends on Friday night, and both have little ones now, so we decided to opt for take-out Indian food and meet at 5:45 so that the babies would be happy.  Then we discovered the restaurant didn’t  even start serving until 5:30 and it was a hike from us, so we changed our time to 6 instead.  It makes me laugh.  A few years ago, this same friend and I were finding ourselves in  a questionable location at something like 2am for a bachelorette party or deciding to have a slumber party at our other friend’s place and stay all night instead of going home or having an impromptu happy hour at a sunny corner table without any thought to other responsibilities.  And now here we are waiting for a restaurant to open to get our early bird take-out.

But that’s life.  And this is fun, too  –   just a little different.  We get to see our babies interact which is endlessly entertaining, for us anyway.

And watch our husbands become fathers.  Which is pretty cool as well.

Our friend Brad and his sweet baby Everett. Shirt by moi.

They’ve reclaimed the swing set from their previous home owners  – yet another thing you care nothing for until you have your own little family.

These little guys are worth the early bird take-out though.  And the sleepless nights.  And all the other headaches.

Feeling nerdy and mom-ish is perfectly okay with me most of the time, but sometimes it gets to me and I need a new spark. See exhibit A as I went in yesterday for my usual predictable trim and told my stylist that maybe we should do something different because I was bored.

I wanted to keep the length, so I couldn’t do my usual change of hacking it all off like I did last spring, and we decided on bangs. I’m still getting used to it, and every time I look in the mirror, I tend to wonder who that person is.

I think I’m liking it though. I didn’t think it through all that much, but a change was sorely needed.

Then we rounded out the weekend with sushi at an overcrowded hot spot downtown and a Fleet Foxes concert. Tickets were expensive, and I was afraid they were overpriced, but it was worth every penny. Seriously. I’d pay to see them again this very second. The Tabernacle is not my choice location for a show because, in my opinion, the sound is always a little crappy.  But despite that, they were awesome. I shot this little video on my phone and with the icky acoustics in that place, and it still sounds pretty great.

A real live date night was a little overdue, and it’s nice to feel like your old self sometimes – or in my case your old self with totally new hair.  Hope you’ve had a full weekend and you’ve got a relaxing Sunday ahead.  I’ve got a fridge full of veggies from my Nature’s Garden delivery, so it’s a big dinner around here and not much else today.  I hear a little voice coming from the monitor, so I’m off to put on the mom hat again, I guess.  Happy Sunday!

One thought on “early-bird special, but no mom jeans yet

  1. I love the pictures, the baby fun, and the new haircut! I got bangs a few years back, and I couldn’t help but ask, “Who is that?” whenever I’d walk by a mirror or a window. I love the look on you! Also, I agree with you: there’s nothing like a concert to make you feel like your old-ish self again. We had this moment with Citizen Cope last month (excluding when I decided to leave early because my daughter’s Tylenol dose was about to run out!), and even though we didn’t finish the concert, it didn’t matter. I got just the surge I needed in order to feel like I was still a fun human being and not just (hopefully!) a fun mommy :). Thanks for sharing your stories! Lastly, can you please explain to me how Jude has grown so much since I saw him last? So adorable!

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