Costa Rica: The Photo Recap

We’re home.  As are the mountains of laundry and loads of unanswered emails and jet-lagged toddler.  Being home always feels good, but I do hate this few days of catch up after a trip.

So of course instead of working on all of those tasks, I am spending time uploading photos from my camera.  And y’all, this place is BEAUTIFUL. If Costa Rica is not on your bucket list, I suggest you revise.

We only traveled with the Canon S90 rather than our Nikon DSLR which I know is a crime when there was so much to capture on film.  The thought of a daunting camera in addition to all the gear that comes with a third little traveler seemed frightening and near impossible though.  Even with the small camera, we managed to capture a lot of it.

I have a lot to say, and I really want to string together the details of the trip before they get lost in my mind.  I hope to sit down sometime this week and do that.  For now, I’ll say that as far as celebrations of 30 years of life go, it was pretty close to perfect.  I’m so grateful to experience this world with my little family. More later, friends.


** And on a completely unrelated note, you’ll see an adorable new header designed by Jenna of QA Designs.  LOVE it, Jenna… a huge thank you. ***

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