sunny skies

Atlanta weather is notoriously odd and unpredictable. Pretty much the only thing you can count on is a brutally hot summer.  The rest of our seasons can be a hodge podge, and that’s only becoming more noticeable every year with climate change.

So we were snowed in about a month ago, got a light dusting a couple of weeks ago, and now? Now it feels like springtime. I met a friend at the park with the babies this weekend, and I had to take off my top layer down to a tank top because it was HOT in the sun.  It’s so weird, but I’ll take it as a short break from winter.

I forget how glorious that feeling is.  The first time you sit outside with the sun on your shoulders after you’ve been cooped up for the winter.

Someone is all boy. He basically just walks runs along to find something new to explore, and I follow after him.  After heading outside everyday for the last week, he’s now learned to grab his shoes and run to the front door, placing his hand on the knob to whine.  He’s got stuff to do, obviously.  A busy, busy boy.

It’s been a fun few days, and I am trying to remind myself that winter is not over yet so I won’t be sad when cold weather returns.  For now though, this is just what we needed.

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