Non sequiter

Sitting down today, I am not quite sure what I intend to write except to say that once again, I am noticing little moments that make me smile and thinking, oh I should record that one before it slips away. So no easy flow here.  No graceful transitions this morning.

Legos are very serious business around here. He’ll heave and ho as he moves the box from the corner of the room, rip off the lid with some major gusto, and then dump them all out as noisily as possible.  Next comes the process of meticulously studying them to decide which ones to pick up.  He is beginning to get there on the fine motor skills, but more often than not, it becomes a game of “mom-puts-them-together-and-I-rip-them-apart.” They hurt like hell when you step on one, but I still love finding them all over my house.  It feels like a kinship with every other mother of a boy.  Like worms or frogs, cars or trucks.

He’s started to do this thing wherein he pretends to read by studiously flipping the pages and mumbling emphatically – with or without the pacifier in the way. It’s hilarious to watch as he totally gets the intonation of the book we’ve read a million times, and you can tell he really thinks he’s actually reading. My boy loves books so much.  And [duh] I love that.

Animal noises are a favorite. We’ve got dog, elephant, fish, monkey, lion, sheep, pig, and this week we added owl.  It’s an exaggerated hoooooooooo face where not much noise actually comes out.  Quite hilarious to be honest.

Yes, there are boxes in my living room that have been stacked in that corner for almost two weeks.  Maybe I should have taken them out, but combined with pillows, they make something pretty fun.  I’m not sure what it all adds up to, but the pillows serve as a trampoline of sorts as he falls in to them and then throws everything around.  Top it all off with an owl sound, and you have a perfectly enjoyable Tuesday morning.



And while we are being random……

  • Today is exactly a month till I turn 30. I’m considering making a little list of anything I want to do in the next few weeks, but everything feels lame since the big things are already accomplished.  Eat more cookies or something maybe; I don’t know.
  • Pioneer Woman’s Sesame Noodles make a perfect single girl supper when Scott is gone and a bonus of delicious lunch leftovers.
  • Jude’s hugging is out of control.  It’s super cute until he hugs a kid we don’t even know, and this has happened three times in the past week – playgroup, library, Gymboree class.  He’ll just walk up to some stranger his size and HUG like there’s no tomorrow.  A little embarrassing.
  • Look at my bag comin’ along!  I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m liking it.

Happy Hump Day.  Hope you’re staying warm and finding some randomness to keep you happy as well.

4 thoughts on “Non sequiter

  1. I love this. 🙂 I love all the little things too, and I’m afraid I never write them down fast enough. I’m going to forget something.

    Will definitely make me some of those sesame noodles!

  2. I think it’s wonderful for you to be able to document life’s moments like this. It will be so nice for you to be able to look back.

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