snow day

So when I told you a few days ago that I love staying home and being lazy lately, the universe heard me and dumped 7 inches of snow in my front yard last night. 7 inches.  In Georgia.  Where a light dusting on the rooftop is normally a news-worthy event.

And someone woke up at 5:30 this morning, talked to himself enthusiastically for an entire hour, and then finally demanded that I get out of my warm bed and come get him.

Dude knows things, I swear.  He did the same thing on Christmas morning.  So it’s 8:41 am when the pre-child me would have been sleeping or brewing coffee or buried under a down comforter in bed reading a novel.  And what have I done today?  We’ve had french toast, face-timed Scott who I’m sad to say is missing the fun as he’s away this week, and we’ve already played in the snow a bit.

Jude had a hard time walking since it was halfway up his shin.

It was early.  I was half-awake with no makeup and sweats that had me looking like a hobo.  But the mama in me said let’s head outside anyway and take a few photos to know this really happened. Real, live, fluffy snow in Atlanta, y’all.

It’s been a fun day already.

And I’m going to try and ignore all those worries about the power outage possibility (more freezing rain for the next 24 hours, they say).  I just watched a pine tree sway a little as I drank my second cup, and I am really really really wishing my husband was in town.  Casting those worries aside for now though, and I’ll rest in the possibility of a mommy-baby adventure and know I won’t freeze or starve to death.  Even if we have to sleep by the fireplace or eat graham crackers and peanut butter for a day or two.  We’ll get by.

And what else do I have to keep me busy? Some Philippa Gregory on my Kindle and a little practice from Saturday’s knitting class.

I guess snow isn’t that bad after all.

4 thoughts on “snow day

  1. FUN!!! The fam and I were out having breakfast when the snow started in Texas, and we took some pics of us with Greyson on the way back to the car. He was not quite sure what all the white fluffiness was about. 🙂

    I hope y’all had a wonderful time with minimal complications.

  2. Looks like you two had fun! The one thing that is feeling thankful for the snow is my bank account. Not being able to spend any money has really enabled me to stretch that December to January paycheck!

  3. that all sounds FANTASTIC!!! 😉 YAY fun times in the snow!! Yay learning to knit! 🙂 Yay hangin’ out. You do not look at all like a hobo in that shot, btw. And I have already proclaimed that the power will NOT go out! 🙂

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