Thanksgiving is over, and you know what that means….

CHRISTMAS! I know.  I know….  Turkey Day deserves some attention as well, and that’s why I insist on waiting until today to put up the decorations, but I can’t take it much longer, so there’s Christmas music on the speakers here, and we are pulling out the boxes of lights and garland and wrapping gifts already.

I’m such a holiday fanatic, and Christmas is my favorite.  (Isn’t it everyone’s?)  Among all of the tasks that make me so happy in the month of December, I LOVE the tradition of Christmas cards.  Choosing them, addressing them, receiving them.  Love love love it. It’s so much fun to see how each card reflects the personality of the giver.

We’ve done photo card for a few years now, and I really enjoy looking at our past designs.  We’ve moved from a wedding photo to pictures of us with the dogs to photos of international travels, and last year I had the joy of sending out cards with images of a tiny, squeaky, squishy little newborn.  I can’t wait to weed through all the images we have of Jude and select and design this year’s card.   I’ve always used Snapfish for my cards in the past, primarily because it is linked with Flickr, but after the ASTOUNDING results and quality of  Jude’s One Year Scrapbook, I am sold for life to the great people over at Shutterfly.  I can’t wait to choose and send some adorable cards to wish our loved ones a happy 2011.

And with these incredible design options, I’m surely going to have a hard time choosing one.

Shutterfly has great folded cards, so you can personalize each one and have space to write to the recipients.  I especially love the subtlety and sophistication of monogram designs like this one.

Or how beautiful is this?  Simplicity at its finest with their holiday cards.

They’ve also got high-quality stationary photo cards that are printed on matte cardstock.  Gorgeous ways to update your friends and family on the progress of your entire year!  I love this little ornaments card. You can tailor this to say anything you want and really convey they heart and spirit of your own family.

Don’t forget they also have calendars, photo books, canvas art, and all sorts of perfect gift ideas in addition to a ton of holiday cards designs.  Be sure to check it out!  I’m off to wrap more gifts and design our cards and trim the tree and bedeck the mantle and indulge in all those cozy, happy Christmas-ing activities that only come once a year.   Mmmmm, leftovers and football and the beginning of  the holidays.  Is there anything better?


Disclosure:  I am receiving 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly in exchange for this promotion.  If you are a blogger and interested in doing the same thing, head here.

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