something simple for this Friday morning

Today I am so grateful for a healthy kid.

Jude munched on cheerios and a sunbutter and jelly sandwich yesterday afternoon and played with his new Mickey cup, and by the end of snack time, the high chair and much of the floor were covered in soggy sandwich pieces and dumped out water.  His sticky little hands got jelly all over me, and it took a while to clean up the aftermath of a 13 month old’s less-than-polite eating habits.

But I’ve heard too many tales this week – once about a tiny baby and once about a sweet little boy – who, because of health problems plaguing them from the womb, left this world too early. Hearing tales like these saddened me before I was a mother, but now I can hardly take it. These are not families I am close to, just those in my circle of friends and family of friends of mine if that even makes sense.  But in ways, I am closer to this pain than I would like to be in that those mothers who have services and memorials to attend this week are mamas just like me.  With a heart just like mine, only theirs are so broken right now I can’t even imagine.

And we can’t dwell on these things…. the what ifs and why not me’s.  If we do, it’ll drive us crazy, but we can use these lessons to remind us to love a little deeper and hug a little tighter perhaps. So as I picked gooey bread off the floor yesterday afternoon, I said a prayer of gratitude because I can have moments where that is my only concern.

Healthy children are often taken for granted, but today I am vowing not to do that.  Messy eater or not, my boy is here and safe and healthy, and that is surely a finer thing.



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One thought on “something simple for this Friday morning

  1. Thank you for the reminder to hug a little tighter and love a little deeper Katie. It’s too easy to get so focused on little irritants that you can forget to pull back and be grateful for all the basic happiness in a life. (Did that make sense?).

    I enjoy your blog so much; for your writing and for that sweet little boy face. What a doll!

    Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and good food.

    🙂 & <3,

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