one of many reasons my son will need therapy one day

I’ve been posting a lot lately gabbing on and on about the things I love about fall.  And this might be the very best part about cooler temperatures these days.

How sweet are these?  Baby legwarmers.

I used them all the time last year during Jude’s tiny baby days, and I thought I would give them up this year since they are, ahem, a little feminine.  But really?  Girls wear camo and people think it’s cute, so I’ll ride this current as long as I can – that is to say until he is old enough to tell me mama, take these off.  I look ridiculous.

The charm of overflowing leg chub is undeniable but it’s not just that.  They are really convenient, too.  Diaper changes are essentially wrestling matches these days, and no pants to remove is one less step. Which of course means he can get back to fun stuff.  Like chasing the dogs.  Or finding and eating week-old cheerios on the floor.  Or getting stuck between pieces of furniture.



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