Making Progress

Big news around here.  You can see my dining room table again.  That thing that has been cluttered with craft projects for weeks? That’s a table?

I have no shame.

Yep.  Sad but true. I really didn’t want to post that photo for fear of looking like a slob, but in the effort of honesty and full disclosure, there you have it.  Jude’s Big Top Circus Carnival Birthday Extravaganza has turned into the DIY party of the decade for two reasons: 1. I love to craft and now that I am not grading papers, I have time.  Yay!  2. Now that I am not grading papers, we have quite the restricted income, and doing things yourself is almost always cheaper.

So Scott never says anything to me about the state of things round here.  With the exception of my craft room, I mean the formal dining room that is hardly ever used anyhow, I try to keep things livable.  But he left for Toronto earlier this week, and was like, Ummm.  Could you maybe, I mean if you are done, could you just maybe get around to cleaning that room.  It’s scary in there. I would have argued, but then I saw the mess, and he was right.  After that, I realized I needed to work hard to get some projects finished this week during naptimes.

So I have a little paper crafting left to do, but the sewing is all finished, and now my table looks like it should.  Ahhhhh.  Clean slate.

(This is a pretty fall leafy thing, but it totally looks like Christmas in this photo somehow.)

Anyway, my crafting conquests are close to finished and it feels good to see that the ridiculous month-long mess wasn’t for nothing.  I finished the 30 pennant flags in all sorts of colors (although I haven’t photographed them.)  I also finished the paper mustaches we are using for the photo booths if guests feel like being silly.

I designed and printed the favor labels on my scrapbooking program.

And last but not least, I made Jude’s birthday shirt.  (It’s a combination of freezer paper stenciling and applique.  Awesome tutorials here and here.  If you use the right kind of Heat n’ Bond, you can do this if you don’t even sew!)

The close up of the patch reveals that the paint got kinda smudgy because I put it on too thick.  It’s far from perfect, but I love that it looks all baby boy, rough-and-tumble with it’s patchy, bright, primary colors and casual sort of look.  I hope he forgives me one day for forcing him to match the decorations at his birthday party.

Last but not least, this great post inspired me to do a little fall decorating inside the house this year, rather than my usual protocol which is throwing a wreath on the door and digging out the pumpkin spice candle.  I usualy avoid indoor fall decor because our living room is blue and that doesn’t go too well with many earth tones, and I also hate that a-scarecrow-threw-up-on-my-doorstep style that you see so often.  When I saw this simple elegance and understated autumn look though, I decided to jump right in.  I’m happy with the cozy final result and it cost me about $25 at Hobby Lobby.  Win!  It’s simple, but it’s enough to make me crave spice cake, warm cider, and long sleeves.  I’m thinking I might do a little more next year.  Yay for online inspiration.

On that subject, it’s about 90 degrees every afternoon here in hot Atlanta, by the way, but we are pretending it’s fall.  Beer and football on the agenda here today – and maybe some reading and crafting for me.  Happy weekending!  Enjoy the time with your friends and family.

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