Speaking of Carpe Diem-isms……

I feel like I have been posting a lot lately on this desire to pay attention and appreciate things.  I guess that’s what happens when you start writing things down – you realize how fast it’s all changing and maybe how special it really is.


Jude turned 11 months old yesterday, y’all.  I am feeling quite weepy about this.  After weeks of excited party planning and looking forward to his birthday celebration, now I almost dread it.

I know this will pass and I’ll be happy to celebrate his milestone, but his monthly photo yesterday just has him looking like such a little man.

I can’t take it.

Ouch.  My heart hurts.

I spent some time after he went to bed last night working a little on the scrapbook which means I am looking through his old photos, and can someone please explain who this baby is?  I think I hardly remember it.

Weeping, I tell you.  I weeped like a fool yesterday.  But isn’t that the joy of happy?  That you can’t make it stand still.  We want to, but we can’t – which makes it all the more precious I guess.

Coffee is brewing.  I’m off to have a second cup before someone wakes up.

Have a happy day.


“This moment contains all moments.”  – CS Lewis


One thought on “Speaking of Carpe Diem-isms……

  1. Greyson’s five month is tomorrow, and I’m just beside myself. I keep getting mad at Chuck for NOT TAKING MORE PICTURES because I feel like it’s all slipping away from us. He’s changing so fast it just astounds me.

    Keep your chin up. Your little man is the cutest thing.

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