Wrapping up Summer and Onward to Fall

Summer is over, and I am feeling like a wilted flower. It was a good one, for sure.  But cooler temperatures would be nice.  I’m actually tired of blinding sun.  I’m over the pool.  I’m definitely ready to sit on my porch again without sweltering heat and humidity. Here in Georgia, we are starting to get a *little* break from it, but the real thing is a few weeks off.

I can’t wait for long sleeves, and apple cider, homemade soup, and the hum of football on the television, and I’m counting down the days to my favorite season.  Way back on June first, I posted my goals for the summer. Even though it’s still summer-like outside, Labor Day is the unofficial end to the season around here, so my time has run out.  As I look back at the past few months, I see it truly was a great summer, and I actually accomplished quite a bit.


Things that were on my list and were completed:

Things that were not on the list, but I like to write them down anyway because I did them and I like feeling accomplished:

Before I get too proud, I have to remind myself that there are a few things I said I would do this summer, but they never happened:

  • I wanted to sew 3 fleece diaper covers, and I never did.  In my defense though, I purchased one and it really just didn’t work well for us.  I need to make other sewing goals.
  • I intended to sell remnants from my diaper stash that did not work for us.  Hasn’t happened.
  • I still haven’t finished my jewelry organizer even though I have the materials to do so.
  • I said I would drink more water and drink kefir everyday.  Nope.
  • We really, really need to clean out our home office.  It is scary and intimidating.  I didn’t touch it all summer.
  • I never learned to can vegetables with my grandmother this summer.  This one actually makes me sad because I really want to learn.  She had out of town company, so canning was hurried this summer.  I am making this a priority for fall though.  Their fall garden is not as large as their summer one, but there’s still a need to can a little.
  • While I have come close, I have not technically kept the grocery bill at $75 every week.  I need to start carrying a calculator in the store.


I’ve been thinking about fall goals and want to keep it simple while catching up on neglected summer tasks.  This “ta-da” list feels great though.  Doesn’t it feel nice to take a look at what you’ve really accomplished?  So that’s mine, what did you do this summer?

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