Daily Photos

So the summer is winding down, and I will soon be writing about my progress and, ahem, lack of progress on my massive summer to do list. One of the things I said I wanted to work on was taking more photos and hopefully better photos.  I started a 365 project on Flickr where I take a self-portrait everyday – some of which are very boring and some are not, but the point is that my daily activities are recorded in all their glory.  (Sarcasm intended.)  I like storing them on Flickr because you can choose the level of privacy, and I have a very small number of Flickr contacts so I can be held accountable and stay on track with this project without sharing my photos with the whole world.

There are a million “Project 365” groups out there, and there are some fabulous photographers who really have beautiful pieces in their 365 collections.  Let me explain that I am an amateur photographer at best. I didn’t even know where the self-timer button on my camera was until fairly recently!  The purpose of this, for me, is to appreciate the small things and maybe, just maybe, make life slow down a tiny bit.  I’m only 102 days in, but so far I’ve captured so many moments – the last days of teaching and moving out of my classroom, hanging out with Jude at home, various tasks in the kitchen, crafting here and there, reading a book on the porch, getting together with girlfriends, seeing Seattle for the first time with my little family……

Yes, there are some nights when I realize I am going to bed and I have yet to take my daily photo.  That’s when I come up with beauties like this one.

And half of my photos are of food….because when in doubt, I take a picture of what we are eating for dinner.

But despite the occasional boredom, this project has been a really great reflective exercise for me. I am already astonished at how much Jude has changed, and I can only imagine how I’ll feel at the end of the year as I look back at my photographs.  Plus I know I sometimes get in a funk wondering what I DO with my time.  I love that this makes me see that spending a cozy night on the sofa or doing a small task here or there to improve my home or family is, in fact, something.  The small things make our days count.  A quick photo a day has helped me see that, if nothing else.

May 30, 2010 - early sleepy morning cuddles

So I encourage you to capture little parts of your life. Whether it’s a day, or a week, or a year, photograph the little things that you think are boring.  They’re more charming and sentimental than you think.


“Teach us… that we may feel the importance of every day, of every hour, as it passes.” – Jane Austen

5 thoughts on “Daily Photos

  1. I love this. I’ve also made a concerted effort to take more pics. Greyson fell asleep in his boppy with a book on his chest last night. For a bookworm mama, that was priceless! I snapped several pics, and I’m so glad I did.

  2. Katie, I really love this. Maybe I’ll try it out!
    I’m an amateur photographer too…just working with a point and shoot camera. Taking photos of food for my blog has made me really want to improve my photography. Saving up for a nice camera!
    I enjoyed looking at your photos…there is something special about the small things! Esp loved the morning cuddles photo and the one of you on the porch with your Bible and mug…
    Thanks for linking up to Try New Adventures Thursday!

  3. I think your photos are great! I love the 365 concept; I have been thinking of starting it in the new year. Do you wear a baby wrap? I think that is my favorite pic! I miss having a little one to hold like that. 🙂

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