Party Prep and Inspiration – Carnival Birthday

Jude’s birthday is around the corner.  (How do I have a ten month old!?  …..but that’s another post.)  I am in full swing for party prep around here.   I first saw the idea for a circus party, this post actually, late one night while I was up with a tiny newborn, and I have been in love ever since.  Now it seems like circus/carnival themes are EVERYWHERE, or maybe I am just noticing them more since it’s on my mind.  I love that so many elements are DIY and can save you lots of money since parties can be quite expensive if you aren’t careful.  The internet is a goldmine for inspiration on this theme, and Google Images is my best friend lately.  Behold the beauty!  (Click on the image if you want a closer look.)

Sources for the above inspirations: Peppers and Pollywogs, The Sweetest OccasionMartha Stewart Miko Design , Joyful Weddings and Events, The Creative Party Place, Gordon Gossip, 45 Wall Design , Jolie Jolie Design


With a mobile and curious little boy, I don’t have loads of time, so most of my crafting is done late at night after he’s asleep.  I have managed to sew a few pennant flags.

I love the idea of using fabric instead of paper so that I can reuse them in years to come.

….And make a banner for his high chair when he eats his birthday cupcake.

I can't wait to see him smash cupcake on his face!

There’s much more crafting to be done, and I know the date will sneak up on me, and I’ll be in a mad fury to finish half-done projects the week before, but as a party-planning fiend, I’m excited to see the final result.  I’m also designing my own invitations for the first time ever using my digital scrapbooking program.  In the end, after you pay for cardstock and ink, I’m not sure it’s that much cheaper, but I’m going to give it a try.

So that’s where I am on party planning around here.  What about you?  Do you have a favorite party blog that you use for inspiration?  What about a post of your own where you profile your own soiree?  If so, leave me the link in a comment. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!


ETA:  See my completed birthday carnival extravaganza here or here.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Party Prep and Inspiration – Carnival Birthday

  1. Love it!!! I love the website LOTS of cute ideas! It is easy to get wrapped up in it! I think we are going a teddy bear picnic route this year, or a children’s song theme. They both go together, but I have gotten SOO many cute ideas and thought of a lot of them on my own this year! Caleb has only asked for cupcakes and sprinkles this year, but we threw an impromptu teddy bear picnic over the summer and he loved it. I am thinking each guest gets their own red and white gingham picnic basket…and a bear hunt…oh the list goes on! I LOVE planning themed kids parties now!! 🙂

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