Parties. And randomness.

A rare quiet moment in our household as Jude is sleeping and all I can hear is a humming washing machine.  It also smells like pears since they are on the stove for Jude’s newest food batch.  Yum.

I should be cleaning, but that’s no fun, so I am perusing the internet with a cup of tea.  Can I say that I LOVE parties?  Planning them, cooking for them, getting invited to them… LOVE them.  My friends and I are hosting a baby shower for a friend of ours at my place next weekend, and I won’t give much away yet because I intend to do a massive photo post of our cute little details, but let me say that we have some fun ideas thanks to Mr. Internet.  There are some incredible ideas out there about throwing fun theme-y but not too theme-y parties.

Jude is not yet 7 months old, and I want time to slow down, yet I am looking at fun ideas for his first birthday party.  WHY?  So far away.  But just look at the deliciously cute ideas!

more party details by caroline armelle photos.

photos by Caroline Armelle

Look at the fun Big Top Circus party one crafty mom did.  There’s a similar one at Thoughtfully Simple.  The photo booth is the best idea ever, and what a  great way to get away with serving cheap food!  Hot dogs, corndogs, pizza, chips….You could even serve popcorn in classic carnival popcorn bags.

As always, Etsy has a million ideas to correspond like these invitations, these tags to put on bags of party favors, cute circus-themed cupcake toppers, or even an adorable circus birthday boy tee.

So much cuteness.  I can’t take it.  I should be doing something productive, but I can’t stop looking.

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