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Top Ten Things I’ll Miss About Teaching

I have 25 24 days left in this teaching gig, and it is incredibly easy to get super excited about leaving and think of all the mess I won’t miss at all. That said, I LOVE my job.  I really do.  There are certainly some things I might miss.

1.  Making a Difference – For a full year in between undergrad and graduate school, I worked at a large corporate law firm.  While it was nice to shut the door after me and leave work behind every evening (NOT the case with teaching!), I didn’t feel like my work really really mattered, you know?  I know I am not The Teacher for every kid, but every now and then I am; sometimes you have a profound influence, and sometimes they even tell you so.  The BEST feeling in the world is a letter from a graduating senior saying YOU changed my life. I’ll miss that for sure.
2.  Funny Stories – Life is never ever boring when you interact with 150 high schoolers everyday.  I would love to write a funny memoir from my five years in the  classroom.
3.  My Colleagues – Some women become so much more than coworkers to you.  These girls are my encouragement on a bad day, my listening ear when I need to vent, my cheerleaders when I need motivation, and my margarita buddies on a sunny Thursday afternoon.  I love them.  We’ll still hang out, but I’ll miss having them down the hall.

4.  Talking About Books All Day – I mean this is why I got in to teaching in the first place!  I know you are surprised it wasn’t the illustrious reputation and the fat salary.

5.  My Yearbook Girls – I’ve been the yearbook advisor at my school for the last 4 years, and I’ve mentored a group of incredible young women in the process.  They are more than students to me.  They have been to my home for our annual “Finished Publication Celebration;”  I’d trust them with my baby.  We’ve been together through their broken hearts and growing pains, the stresses of creating a 480 page book, the changes brought about with the birth of my son, and even the death of one of their siblings who was a close friend to many of them.  I love these girls so much, and I can’t wait to see what they accomplish over the years.

6.  Starting Over Every Year – How many jobs allow you to start all over once a year?  New rosters.  Blank bulletin boards.  New material.  A clean slate feels good.

7.  New Kids Every 54 Minutes – I am SO incredibly excited to stay at home with Jude, and I feel really blessed that I am able to do this.  With a SAHM gig, however, you are in it for life.  This is your child, your blood, your responsibility.  Serious business.  Teaching lets me “rent” a crowd for an hour and give them back when the bell rings. There’s a lot less pressure there.
8. Appreciative People – They are few and far between, but it’s so nice when a parent, a student, or a stranger for that matter says, “I appreciate what you do” and truly means it.  A thank you goes a long way.
9.  Seeing Kids Grow From Year to Year – Students change so much between the ages of 14 and 18. I love seeing them grow, mature, and discover.  Sometimes they come back for a visit once they are in college and ta-da! They look like grown ups.  I love it.
10. Witnessing Some Fabulous “A-ha Moments” – It feels SO GOOD to see a kid really “get it” because of your hard work.  An added bonus is that I teach English, so many of these a-ha moments regard not only intellect, but moral development as well.  A sudden moment of brilliant understanding never fails to make me smile.

That’s mine for the day.  For more Top Ten Tuesdays, go to Oh Amanda!


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I’ll Miss About Teaching”

  1. I’m a middle school teacher so I can definitely relate to this post!! I love #6…starting over! You’re right that no other job allows you to do that and I’ve never really made that connection before. It makes coming back in August a little easier b/c I have chance for fresh starts!


  2. Love this. I could make a similar list about nursing–sometimes when I’m in the thick of the stress I forget. Being able to make a very tangible and visible difference in someones life is AMAZING (and such a responsibility). We are doing the same being SAH mothers, but the results are more gradual! 🙂

  3. hey katie!

    found your blog via twitter today and love it! jude is precious and i truly enjoy both your writing style and approach to motherhood. that being said, please don’t cringe at my lazy disregard for the shift key. do you read either “academomia” or “harry times…” as they seem to be your speed. i totally seem like a psycho baby stalker but found those on jen lancaster’s blogroll and found them too amusing not to read on the regular, ha ha! i will certainly be adding yours to my must-read list as well. glad you are doing so well!


    mary e

    1. Hey, Mary Elizabeth! Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m loving blogging lately. It’s nice to sort of mark my days with a little entry here and there, and I love getting and sharing advice on mommy things. I haven’t read either of those, but now I will. In my opinion, you and Jenna are some of the funniest people I know; I think you two should start a collaborative blog. I’d be reading for sure – every single day.

      and i love ignoring the shift key. 🙂

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